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jewelry that cares.

nu atelier® creates a unisex, bold & sustainable jewelry. Handcrafted and numbered by artisans of the French luxury, all nu atelier® jewels are only made with solid 18-k gold and sterling silver. Metals are sourced from the recycling sector, packaging is eco-friendly and all is locally made, in France.
nu atelier, jewlery for men and women


nu atelier® explores radically minimal jewelry where the duality of gld and silver highlights the beauty of metal in the nude.

Nourished by multiple inspirations that are diverted to experiment a hybrid approach to jewelry, the brand is guided by the desire to abolish conventional barriers while preserving the exigent crafting of high jewelry.

nu atelier® offers an inclusive collection of versatile pieces to adop and wear in all individuality and gender-fluidity.

Handcrafted necklace, made on order and numbered by French artisans


Each creation is handmade in workshops we have selected for their crafting excellence. Certified Joailliers de France and Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, they uphold a long-established tradition of fine French jewelry-making and ensure the highest standards of quality.

Made on order and numbered, each piece of jewelry takes about 4 weeks on the average to be handcrafted and shipped along with its certificate of authenticity.

nu atelier artisan are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council

We work exclusively with noble and precious metals: solid 925 sterling silver and solid 18-karat yellow gold (stamped 750/1000) which is the best gold alloy in terms of purity and resistance.

These durable metals do not deteriorate over time and their shine is easily restored if they have become slightly oxidized. We don't use gold plating or gilding as they are often fragile.

18-k gold : an alloy containing 75% pure gold (18 out of 24 karats) and a mixture of silver and copper, added to enhance the durability and hardness of pure gold, naturally too malleable for jewelry.

nu atelier workshops uphold a high-end jewelry-making


The nu atelier® project constantly questions its processes to ensure optimal social and environmental impact.

To avoid drawing on ever more natural resources, we work with gold and silver sourced from the recycling sector rather than from mines, which are always less environmentally friendly. These metals are recovered from old gold, jewelry scraps, industrial or electronic waste materials. This in no way modifies their quality and purity, which are guaranteed by their respective alloys and stamps.

nu atelier box, locally made of 100% recycled cardboard and paper

Our jewelry workshops and packaging manufacturers are all French and for the most part based locally in the Drôme department of the Rhône-Alpes region.

Our packaging is free from plastic and aluminium: instead, we use cardboard, fabric and paper which are largely recycled. We produce on a small scale to prevent all forms of waste and overstock.

Our jewelry workshops are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council and our textile workshop fosters social and professional reintegration.

We avoid unnecessary margins and intermediaris as much as possible. This allows us to ensure a high level of traceability and offer fair prices while maintaining exceptional quality.